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Full Digital Marketing Strategy Development


Digital Marketing Strategy Development is an in-depth analysis of how well your site is optimized for online promotion, what are its current positions and overall success in the Web. This service includes a detailed PDF report with our recommendations on how to optimize the website, make it user-friendly and well-ranked by search engines. And, what is more important, we’ll advise how to grow your online presence, reputation and, as a result, lift your sales and revenues.

You need this service if:

  • You have a website and want it to be more visible online
  • You want to grow your online audience and get quality traffic
  • You need to attract more clients and lift sales

You will get a PDF file with:

Website content and usability analysis – we’ll study your website structure, navigation, texts, visual content, its marketing appeal and business potential. We’ll advise what corrections should be made to make the website more attractive, handy and successful.

Competitor analysis – we’ll examine your top-ranking competitors, their websites, content and promotion methods.

On-Page SEO recommendations – we’ll find out which areas of your website need to be improved and give clear instructions on the changes needed to lift your rankings.

SMM advice – we’ll estimate your current social accounts (if any), their content, activity, engagement, and advise what should be added or corrected.

Digital advertizing advice – we’ll select advertizing channels corresponding to your business goals (contextual ads, banners, press releases, etc.) and give recommendations of working with them.

Other online marketing instruments review – we’ll sort out other promotion channels relevant to your business, as well as analytics instruments for estimating the results – and provide a brief guide of working with them.

Working process:

  1. You order Full Digital Marketing Strategy Development on this website, and we contact you to discuss details.
  2. We make a full website analysis to find possible problems and offer their solutions.
  3. We provide clear in-depth instructions for your website’s effective online promotion.
  4. Your order will be executed within 5 business days. You’ll get the report and recommendations in PDF file via email.
Price $570