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How to use social media in modern times

Blog, April 16, 2015

Yes, we have all heard it… Facebook is doomed, Linkedin is boring, Twitter is evil ….. what can a marketer do these days to bring in traffic and business from social media?

Well, social media is NOT dead yet it’s just changed…

Just several years ago social media efficiency rate and development pace were fantastic. Now the pace is steadily decreasing – almost to a snail pace. Yet the explosion of the SMM channels made large corporations and small firms alike to invest money and workforce at it. There is a feeling that the outbreak of social networks has finished as quickly as it started. The recent survey by Next Stage says that 1/5 of surveyed marketers say they are not happy with the overall effectiveness of SMM. And about only 8% say they’re alright with the results they’re having.

Now, social media as a technique has taken its place alongside the many other B2C interaction models. Businesses are distributing the resources they once put into their social media projects among other marketing, sales and customer service projects.

Like any springing up marketing technique, social media had an experience curve. This spelled out in murky work functions and positions as well as confusion about practical objectives or anticipated investment paybacks. The gist of social media is the SMM engagement is an ongoing process and time-consuming. You have to be patient. Anticipating a quick ROI is not realistic. Large companies as well as small companies, individual businessmen and even ordinary people take to social media for professional reasons and succeed virally. For some it was easy, for others it proved to be very hard. Overtime many learned that getting one article viral is one thing and getting a buzz around the company is a completely other thing. It is still very difficult to provide a direct (indisputable) correlation between a social networks account and generate income.

Digital Services has a long experience at promoting on social media platforms and has seen the cycle of the social media directly. Having that experience has helped to create the guide how to use social media for small businesses.

1) Become dedicated: There’s a difference between just amusing oneself with social networks and actively using it. This isn’t a platform where you can get in or get out as you go. Regard social media just like going to yoga class: It isn’t just about showing up… you won’t get any return on investment in the form of becoming more attractive using that trick. Not only do you have to do it with enthusiasm, you must do it regularly and have a plan and schedule. You have to strongly feel that you are ready for that responsibility before you open an account on one of social networks. If you can’t create between 5 and 20 unique social media posts a week and at the very least 4 reposts a day then you are not social media active and this type of marketing is never going to get any benefits for you.

2) Develop a strategy or get help with it:  Determine and clarify what success means fir you before you start. Like all marketing components, an activity can be successful only within your own definition of success. Determining goals, defining what is needed to be done and reached and why is crucial. Is it fans? Subscribers? Rating? Interaction? Reposts? Participants in sweepstakes? Whatever it is – define it or you may be putting your energy into the wrong direction. The marketing strategy is the document that needs to be created to record all that. Digital Services can do it for you. The company’s excellent team of freelancers, extensive experience and global service delivery, supported by working across multiple channels, contributes to developing a superb Social Media Digital Marketing Strategy that will deliver powerful marketing results.

3) Don’t downplay the importance of tasks involved:  You can’t just fit Social Media in! It isn’t a pastime activity or an increased workload for an existing employee. This is a marketing component that takes a committed, persistent action. It involves research, developing proper brand tone and voice. If you want to create a community, you need to be social. It isn’t good enough to just call for action: follow me!… you need to build a solid reason for that.

4) Be truly global by developing communities on different regional social networks: If you think that the whole world is sitting now on facebook, you are wrong. Japanese people are using Mixi, Line , Mobage, Gree and Twitter. Line and Twitter are their favorites! WhatsApp has become the social media tool of choice in Qatar and Malaysia, overtaking Twitter and Instagram. The genius of Social Media and it provides digital channels that allow you to segment down to completely different cultures and communities. It can be as local or as global as you need it to be. And if there’s a certain distinguishing feature of the product, doubtlessly there’s a niche social media channel such as a network, or a forum that is ideally suited for it. For example, if your company has produced a plugin or an app, but its promotion on Facebook or Twitter does not give any results, try a specialized forum, for instance the forum of CMS platform your plugin is based on in different countries or APPs store. For one Digital Service’s client, promotion on a specialized niche forum produced 8 times more income-generation results than on all the other networks. Get in touch with Digital Services SMM professionals who will do a research on the best niche forums across the world for you and create a trustworthy reputation there.

5)  Do not forget the newest social networks where you may still do not have an account: Reddit, Foursquare, Pheed, WhatsUp, Vine and Snapchat. The most obvious sign of world’s renewed love affair with the social media is the rise of Vine and Pheed. Although some people were perplexed by the fact that these new platforms are so similar to the old-hat SNS platforms. They are a scaled down versions of the top social networking players. The fans of them claim that they have better protection against spammers and more fitted to TL:DR generation’s needs. The once-doubting marketers are now joining the platforms too.

6) Check out new hot advertising models: Some experts claim that getting real income from organic social media activity is becoming myth-like. The major corporations have been advertising for a long time now on social networks. New companies begin to imitate them too, while getting disillusioned with organic social media reach which almost impossible now. For instance, in the long run interaction and buzz levels on business Facebook pages have always been extremely poor.

The fact that Twitter advertising becomes more flexible is a twist on an already well-established trend of advertising prices growth set by Facebook this year. The Twitter schemes are predicted to burst in popularity. With Twitter’s move to offering businesses more choice and flexibility in how and what they pay for in terms of advertising, more small and medium sized businesses will jump on the Twitter ad bandwagon.

Quick wrap-up

The social space has become so littered by commercial stuff that getting your voice heard is now extremely challenging and expecting quick payback on the investments is unrealistic. It is important to do a thorough analysis before plunging in the social networks. Digital Services is renowned for the perfect execution of the social marketing services and real results. International team of copywriters, translators and designers will create the rich content for your website and superb SMM managers will take it upon themselves to distribute it on different platforms and manage the SMM accounts on a consistent basis to generate leads and income for you.  It is no longer a luxury or nuisance to outsource marketing. With the prices like ours, every small company can afford it now.